Employment Opportunities

CCC Drilling is looking for energentic people that would like to become part of our team. You can find a application form here.


Devoted to all your drilling and cutting needs. We are currently working with The CCC Group of Companies. Here you will find the different services that they offer and links to get your project off to a great start.

Chain Saw

Just cutting our way through some concrete the easy way.

CME 850

The defacto machine for drilling holes of all depths and sizes.

Offline & Storage: Web Apps can start faster and work even if there is no internet connection, thanks to the HTML5 App Cache, as well as the Local Storage, Indexed DB, and the File API specifications.

All our equipment comes with full support vehicles.

Ready to Roll

Ready to get to work.

The Twins

With these 2 machines on the job you can guarentee that you job will be done.

Concrete Scanning

Scanning and private locates are our specialty.

Performance & Integration: Make your Web Apps and dynamic web content faster with a variety of techniques and technologies such as Web Workers and XMLHttpRequest 2. No user should ever wait on your watch.


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